Chambre d'hôtes au coeur des saveurs/ savoirs à Bruxelles

Bed n'breakfast in the heart of tasty / famous Brussels

Welcome to Brussels, here you have the best multilingual (and English) town you could wish.

Our apartment is for you, with calm and good breakfasts and adhoc advice!

Our 2 bedrooms, each with shower and toilet: you can choose between a view on the street (Mountain's bedroom) vs one with view on garden (Empress' bedroom),
or white vs red,
or western vs eastern,
or with great twin bed (2x90x200 at Imperatrice) or great double french bed (160x200 at Montagne), the price is the same (100 € per night)
(+20€ if only one night)

Our calendar with full days in colour (white are available):

To see for each bedroom, here is the English google calendar, for all 2012, change the month to follow:

All colored days are occupied for one or other of our two bedrooms (blue Montagne, red Impératrice). Without colour the day is available.

You can reserve here with your credit card or Paypal (secure payment) for the deposit of 10 to 12%.
You can ask also by e-mail. Note that if only one night I must charge 10 euros more for logistic fees.

After agreement or payment, a little contract** with access map will be sent to acknowledge the deposit of 10 euros per night. You pay the complement at your arrival (cash). If you cancel the deposit is kept established (for management fees) but you don't need to pay the stay (89% left) if you announce the cancellation at least 7 days before your planned arrival. For deposit you can pay with your bank card here:

Deposit for X nights
Write your dates:

(**) you can click here to get a basis of contract.
You have to open it, complete name, dates, price, save it under your name and send me a copy. Thanks.
Please wait our validation because sometimes we need a few hours to update the calendar.

For those coming from afar, if you need to sleep at 7am for instance, we can block the room the day before for you. In this case the fees can be 70 euros (in place of 100) and you are sure that nobody is before you in your fresh room.

What to visit: