Chambre d'hôtes au coeur des saveurs/ savoirs à Bruxelles

The best: prefer the train. At South Station (Gare du Midi), take another local train towards north. Each 3 minutes you have one. It takes 4 minutes to join Central station (1st Stop), you are at 100m of our building.

22 :00 (but Sunday, closed all the day) the Horta gallery is open on the lower floor of the station, only follow the arrows « Herb Market » and you’ll soon be out between hotels. Pass through the Place Agora & in front of you is Hotel La Madeleine (Proust isn’t so far). You are in the ‘Rue de la Montagne’, go at right, 30 meters and you’ll be at 27, ring at Dominique’s apartment.

When the Gallery is closed, go out from the station, you’ll be on Rue de la Putterie or Boulevard de l’Impératrice, follow it towards the Cathedral and at first opportunity, turn at left downstairs, you’re in the Rue de la Montagne.


If you come by Zaventem airport: go down to the station (directly under the airport)


The train costs 7 € and takes 20 mn towards Central Station (2nd stop).

When you get off at Central Station, turn at left in downer level, following the arrows “Herb Market”… when you exit, you are between hotels, advance to Hotel La Madeleine, you are in the street Montagne, 30 meters at right you are on the 27, it’s our apartment.


If you come by Charleroi-Airport (only Ryanair) you have a bus towards South Station (Gare du Midi). See above for local train or come by foot, it’s only 20 to 30 minutes by Grand-Place in direction of Cathedral.

If you come by car, ask for a specific map by email, get off from highway at n°17 and follow always CENTRUM. You’ll arrive to cathedral, we are neighbour, take the underground parking Grand-Place on Boulevard de l’Impératrice.


If you come by bicycle, ask us to put it in our garage under the building.


If you come by skiing, it’s a bit difficult due to global warming. Snow is less than one week per year now in Brussels, it is a pity.